Partly due to Edward the I’s effort to bring an end to the Welsh sovereignty forged in the 13th century by the Llywelyns, Wales boasts more castles per square mile than anywhere else in the World. Listed below are some of our favorites.

Beaumaris Castle
Wales – Beaumaris CastleThe last and largest castle to be built by Edward I in Wales. Impressive due to its size and symmetry. Invaders faced many obstacles including a moat, a curtain wall, an inner wall and several rounded guard towers.
Beaumaris, Anglesey

Caernarfon Castle
Wales – Caernarfon CastleModeled after Constantinople, this castle remains unfinished. Impressively set on a peninsula near the Manai Straight, highlights include the castle’s Eagle Tower overlooking the sea and the history exhibit on the ground floor.
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Caerphilly Castle
Wales – Carephilly CastleA spectacular moated castle located 6 miles north of Cardiff. This remarkable castle covers more than 30 acres. A running exhibition in the outer gatehouse narrates the story of the castle and surrounding areas.

Cardiff Castle
Wales – Caardiff CastleIn south Wales, construction of Cardiff Castle spaned several architectural periods. Highlights include a medieval clock tower and an array of Victorian modifications.
If you work up an appetite trekking through ancient ruins, check out the Celtic Cauldron across the way, which serves up a delectable array of Celtic fare.

Conwy Castle
Wales – Conwy CastleDramatically perched on a cliff overlooking the sea and completed in 1287, Conwy’s most impressive features include eight guard towers.
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