When to Visit

Tourist Seasons
The weather in Scotland, though generally cold and wet, does not stand in the way of life for people in this region who just accept the rain and go on with their daily routine. The rest of the world, however, likes to vacation when the weather is nice and sunny, therefore leaving a small window for vacationing in Scotland. The most congested times for tourism in Scotland are July and August. More experienced travelers can tell you that May and June are less crowded, but you may encounter constant rain or constant sunshine for up to two weeks straight depending on your luck. During Christmas Holiday Season businesses and museums tend to shut down and there is very little tourist traffic.

Like the rest of the British Isles, Scotland’s weather includes a lot of rain. The winters are generally dark, cold and snowy but the roads are always cleared. Spring still brings rain but come May, there are plenty of wildflowers as a result. May and June are still a little wet but there are more periods of sun than in winter. July and August are peak sunshine months in Scotland and then things tend to cloud up again in September and October. It is important to keep in mind that the weather is more unpredictable in the Highland regions of Scotland, so it is wise to be fully prepared for all extremes of weather when hiking in the North. It is also important to note that in the winter, because of the northern position of Scotland, there are fewer hours of daylight, which can make afternoon hikes dangerous if you are not careful. You do not want to get lost in the dark and cold in the Scottish Highlands. On the other extreme the summer months bring only a few hours of total darkness between midnight and 4am.