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Burns National Heritage Park
The Burns National Heritage Park was established in 1995 in to commemorate the famous poet, Robert Burns. Burns spent the first 7 years of his life here, and fans of his work come from all over to pay homage to his beloved poems and songs. Visitors can visit Burns Cottage, Burns Museum, Burns Monument, Brig O’ Doon, and The Auld Kirk (Kirk Alloway is the setting for a popular tale in verse called “Tam O’ Shanter”).
Alloway, Ayr
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Culzean Castle and Country Park
Scotland – Culzean CastleCulzean Castle was built in 1772, and is one of Scotland’s most visited sites. The castle has a lovely collection of 18th Century furniture and the armory contains a thorough collection of weapons. The surrounding outdoors of the Country Park are breathtaking with the beautiful gardens overlooking the shore and trails.
Maybole, Ayrshire
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Edinburgh Castle
Scotland – Edinburgh CastleThis gigantic castle is the city of Edinburgh’s 3,000 year-old landmark. It was built atop an extinct volcano ledge and its hillside is constructed of craggy rocks strewn with wildflowers. Bagpipers often play in the surroundings of the castle. The fortress was home to Scottish Kings and Queens including Mary Queen of Scots and its builder King Edwin of Northumbria for whom the castle and city is named. Inside, visitors can see the Scottish Crown, the room where Queen Mary gave birth to James VI, the Argyle Battery, the vaults and the prison.
Castle Hill
Edinburgh, Scotland
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Scotland – GlencoeGlencoe is a beautiful and wild Highland valley. There are numerous trails for hiking and biking and there are plenty of places in the glen for fishing and skiing as well. Glencoe has a fascinating history dating back to the pre-Viking period of the 15th and 16th Centuries. Here you can see red deer, foxes, badgers, wildcats, and 40 different species of birds that live off the land.

Loch Ness
Scotland – Loch NessThe infamous legend behind the Loch Ness Monster is what initially attracts tourists to the magical city of Inverness. However, the area around Loch Ness and Inverness have many other interesting attractions. The ruins of Urquhart Castle are perched on a grassy ledge overlooking Loch Ness. The mystical castle has seen many battles and has survived as one of the largest castles in Scotland. You can also take a tour of the local Whisky distillery, cotton mills and weavers, and enjoy fishing on Loch Ness.

Melrose Abbey
Scotland – Melrose AbbeyMelrose Abbey is a Gothic construction dating back to 1146. It is positioned below the Eildon Hills near the east side of Edinburgh, and is characteristic of medieval Scotland with its green lawn filled with tombs and gravestones dating back centuries. The 14th century carved stone on the walls and in the towers is incredibly detailed, portraying the Virgin and Child, dragons and gargoyles.
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Stirling Castle
Scotland – Stirling CastleThe city of Stirling is one of Scotland’s oldest towns, with relics of Pre-Roman times. Stirling Castle marks the home of Robert the Bruce and William Wallace who defeated English armies in their battles for independence. Stirling held a key position as the protector of the pass into the Highlands and the highest navigable point in the region. Inside the castle, visitors today can view these 15th and 16th century walls, the Chapel Royal, The Great Hall and The Elphinstone Tower.
Castle Wynd
Stirling, Scotland
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