Prehistoric FranceThe cave paintings in Lascaux and other sites in the south give evidence of cultures dating back to 50,000-8,000BC.Website: http://www.culture.fr/culture/arcnat/lascaux/en/
Gallo-Roman Era100 BC – Marseilles, known by the Romans as Marsilla, was established by the Romans

58-51 BC – Julius Caesar expands his rule to include what is now known as Aquitaine and the city of Lyon.

100-500 AD – Romans Rule and the Roman culture and language are adopted. By the time of Christ, Germanic tribes have moved in and established settlements.
Dark Ages481-511 AD – The Frankish Leader Clovis proclaims Paris the capital of France.
786-814 AD – Charlemagne declares France the center of the Holy Roman Empire.
Middle Ages987 AD – With weak rule by the descendants of Charlemagne, the Capets are able to establish a stronghold in the Paris area. 

1337-1453 AD – The Hundred Years War pits the French against the English. The death of Joan of Arc helps the French rally to expel the English from France.Website:http://www.bnf.fr/enluminures/texte/atx2_02.htm/
1348-1352 AD – The black death plague killed 4-5 million people, 25 percent of the population in France.
The Renaissance1483 AD – The previously independent regions of Burgundy and Brittany are annexed to France and Louis XI reigns

1634-1648 AD – The Thirty Years War propels France to become the Leading power in Europe.
1643-1763 AD – Louis XIV loses the Canadian and Indian colonies to England and finds Europe united against France.

1778-1781 AD – France supports the Americans against England and sends its Navy to help win the Battle of Yorktown.
The First Empire1789-1799 AD – The declaration of the rights of man and the storming of the Bastille The French Revolution abolishes the monarchy.Website: http://members.aol.com/agentmess/frenchrev/index.html
1799-1815 AD – Napoleon rules France and declares himself Emperor. He engages in wars continuously during his tenure. The French are driven out of Germany and Russia. The Monarchy is restored in 1814 with Louis XVIII.Website: http://www.iselinge.nl/napoleon/index.htm
The Restoration1830 AD – Louis Philippe (the citizen king) ascends to the Throne.
The Second Empire1852-1870 AD – Louis Napoleon restores the Empire and takes the title Napoleon III. France loses the France Prussian war. Baron Haussmann rebuilds France.

1863-1946 AD – France colonizes Indochina, parts of North Africa and the South Pacific.

1914 AD – France Enters World War I

1939 AD – France enters World War II and shortly thereafter is occupied by Germany.

1944 AD – The Allies land in Normandy, Paris is liberated and De Gaulle leads the French Government.
The Fifth Republic1957 AD – France joins with five European countries to form the EEC (European Economic Community)

1968 AD – French students protesting police brutality, begin what becomes a paralyzing general strike across the nation.

1969 AD – Georges Pompidou succeeds as Prime Minister after DeGaulle’s resignation in defeat of his proposed reforms.

1974 AD – Valery Giscard d’ Estang and conservatives are in power.

1981 AD – The left coalition elects Francois Mitterand president.

1995 AD – Former prime minister Jacques Chirac wins the French presidency.