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Lake District of Northern England

The Lake District is the mountainous countryside that geologically is rather atypical to the rest of England. The deep green grazing pastures below the vast glaciated mountain ranges and glacial lakes of Cumbria are picturesque sites. The Lake District provides opportunities for hikers, bikers, campers and anyone else who appreciates the outdoors. To be able to see the remote beauty of this area it is best visited by car.

Canterbury, Kent

The medieval town of Canterbury offers a great deal of charm. It is one of the oldest cities in Britain. The streets of the town are lined with historic buildings containing shops, pubs and vendors. Its history is rich and is the home of the famous Canterbury Cathedral. Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury (1125), was murdered on the steps of the Canterbury Cathedral. This enormous Gothic church was the historical center of Christianity for England throughout history. Canterbury is a step back in time, and is worth the visit.


Because of its distance from London, tourists often miss this charming western county. But Cornwall has so much to discover in its coastal villages such as Falmouth, Penzance, and Saint Ives that it is definitely worth the trip. While there, discover the rural farmlands and towns that inspired such English traditions as Cornish pasties and “Scrumpy” Cider.
The Royal Pavilion, BrightonBuilt for the Prince Regent (later, George IV) and completed in 1822, this spectacular, Oriental-inspired palace was designed by John Nash. In 1850, Queen Victoria sold it to the town of Brighton. It has since been completely restored.


This lovely town has so much to recommend it to the traveller, that it is sometimes filled with tour busses and crowds. But we feel that if you are in England and have an appreciation for history, Stratford-upon Avon is a must-see. William Shakespeare’s birthplace, Anne Hathaway’s cottage, Bancroft Gardens, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Holy Trinity Church (where Shakespeare is buried) and much more are right here. And, need we mention that the gently flowing Avon River meanders through the town offering wonderful views of swans, fishing boats and picnickers seated along its banks.