Shopping Guide

England is known for its fine China, antiques, woolens, silverware, tea and potent cheeses. 

You have probably heard of Royal Doulton, Royal Crown Derby, Wedgewood, and Spode, but you might not know that these old companies are located in England. To visit some of the manufacturers and some outlet stores, Stoke on Trent is the place to go. 

If you love antiques, then you will love England. Around every corner, you will find an antique store or even just a second-hand store that has better goods than antique stores in the U.S. Of course, they have been around a lot longer as well. 

Many of the charming towns of the Cotswolds were former wool towns; rich towns that made their money from the woolen mills. Though the wool markets have disappeared, the towns are now thriving as tourist destinations and beautiful wool is still an important product. 

No trip to England is complete without high tea. Try this wonderful custom and remember to bring some English tea home for your own tea party.