6000 BC – End of Ice Age, isolating Britain as an island.

3500 BC – Neolithic Age begins, stone circles and monuments built around Britain, Stonehenge being the most famous.

2500 BC – Temples are built

2100 BC – Onset of the Bronze Age

1200-1000 BC – Warriors begin to take control in society settings, fortresses erected, villages and farm sites start to appear, weapons and tools me stronger.

600 BC – Iron Age begins, iron replaces Bronze.

500-150 BC – Celts, Druids and pre-Christian religions established in communities. Celtic pottery and jewelry, trade routes, metal coinage

150 BC – Migration of tribes from Gaul to Britain.

55 BC – Caesar’s first invasion of Britain, he then retreats back to the Continent.

43 AD – The Romans invade England under the rule of Claudius, making Britain part of the Roman Empire.

63 AD – Joseph of Arimathea traveled to Glastonbury on the first Christian mission to Britain. Resistance and uprisings begin from tribes against the Romans.

70 AD – Romans conquer Wales and Northern England

100-200 AD – Christianity is widespread in Britain; Roman armies now dominate the entire island.

450 AD – Anglo-Saxons invade England from Germany and successfully conquer England.

500 AD – The period of mythical legend, King Arthur.

597 AD – Saint Augustine, the first Bishop of Canterbury, was sent from Rome to convert England to Christianity. 

700 AD – Vikings storm England from the north and have a big influence on the language and culture.

991 AD – Battle of Maldon

1066 AD – Norman invasion of England

1066-1087 AD – William the Conqueror, onset of Norman rule in Britain.

1154-1189 AD – Henry II, onset of Plantagenet rule.

1170 AD – Murder of Thomas Becket at Canterbury

1213 AD – Concession of England to the Pope

1215 AD – Magna Carta, signed as a protection against arbitrary taxation.

1283 AD – Edward I led victory over the Welsh

1300 AD – Witchcraft trials of England begin.

1348 AD – Black Death significantly depletes the population in Europe.

1376 AD – English Parliament developed

1387 AD – Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales 

1381 AD – English Peasants revolt 

1413-1422 AD – Henry V, onset of Lancaster family rule.

1453 AD – End of Hundred Years War

1485 AD – War of the Roses

1497 AD – John Cabot reaches North America

1509-1547 AD – Henry VIII, onset of Tudor family rule

1513 AD – English defeat Scots 

1533 AD – Henry VIII is excommunicated by the Pope and forms the Church of England.

1553-1558 AD – Queen Mary I, throne passes back to Catholicism

1558-1603 AD – Queen Elizabeth I

1588 AD – Defeat of Spanish Armada

1591 AD – First Shakespeare play performed

1599-1658 AD – Oliver Cromwell, official Lord Protector of the Commonwealth

1600 AD – British involvement in trade with India

1603-1625 AD – James I, onset of Stuart rule and the union of Scotland with England

1642 AD – Civil War

1660-1685 AD – Charles II, Restoration of the monarchy

1665-1666 AD – Great Plague

1666 AD – Great Fire of London

1689-1702 AD – William III and Mary II

1707 AD – Act of Union with Scotland

1702-1714 AD – Queen Anne

1714-1727 AD – George I, onset of Hanover rule

1776 AD – American Declaration of Independence

1807 AD – Abolition of slave trade

1815 AD – Napoleon defeated by the English at the Battle of Waterloo

1837-1901 AD – Queen Victoria, onset of Saxon-Coburg rule

1899-1902 AD – Boer War

1910-1936 AD – George V, onset of Windsor rule

1914-1918 AD – World War I

1929 AD – Stock Market crashes, causing an increase in employment in England

1939-1945 AD – World War II, Prime Minister Winston Churchill leads England to victory over the Nazi regime.

1952 AD-present – Queen Elizabeth II

1963 AD – The Beatles corner the pop music market on an international basis.

1979 AD – Margaret Thatcher becomes the first female Prime Minister

1981 AD – Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer

1982 AD – British troops drive Argentina out of the Falkland Islands.

1990 AD – John Major replaces Thatcher as Prime Minister of England

1994 AD – Channel Tunnel completed between England and France

1997 AD – Tony Blair of the Labor Party becomes Prime Minister of England